Franz Ferdinand 'Evil Eye' (Live visuals)

An animation made for Franz Ferdinand's live performances of Evil Eye. Due to the fact the song is played live without an exact tempo this was made without a set sync to the edit therefore I've put this video up silent so you can play the song yourself for a more live experience.

Marwood 'A/W 2011'

Starring: Sam Kerr, Chris James & Olly Davies / Styling: Becky French / Location: Berdoulat

Brian Eno: The Dick Flash interview

With director Elizabeth Kinder, I worked on shooting and editing a series of videos for Warp & Brian Eno. A collection of them are performances in his studio and we also made this interview with Dick Flash from Pork Magazine.
Director: Elizabeth Kinder / DOP: Sophie Ziegler / Script: Brian Eno

G2 Joshua manifesto

My role on this was the design & illustration.
AfterFX Animation: Dave Penn / Production and Concept:

College Years

Edited sections from videos I made at the Royal College of Art between 2003 & 2005.
Starring: Bill Bragg & Hannah Coulson

How Balloons Are Made

This is a small section from a music video I made for SJ Esau, reedited with archive sounds of various balloon noises.
All sounds from by gniffelbaf, neonaeon, alienistcog, gogo199432, jfreem3, primejunt, franzzle & hyo.

Pie Chat

Voiceover: Simon Armstrong of Tick Tock Robot