You make me smile

Blank CD-Rs, designed to be used for making compilations. Risograph printed covers & two colour screen printed CD-Rs.

Silver title showing through the screen printed CD-R

Naughty Step

A portable naughty step designed for parents who live in flats without stairs.
Made with furniture designer Greg Cox.

Functional Postcard

Lithograph printed postcards designed to be sent within Great Britain.
Photograph taken by Jon Bennett & used with kind permission.



Well-used Pencils

HB pencils with foil blocked type designed for appropriate use.


Scrutiny (close-up)


Ouch (close-up)

Accurate Warning Signs

Engraved plastic warning signs reduced in size until the prohibited symbol becomes descriptive.


Actual sign size = 3.8cm x 5cm


Actual sign size = 3cm x 2.3cm

Snowman Badges

Pin badges in two sizes, made every winter and given to friends.

2009: Hand drawn

2010: Photocopied pen drawing

2011: Vector drawn computer print

2012: Vector drawn computer print

2013: Vector drawn computer print