Elephant Magazine
Issue 24 Colophon – Autumn 2015

Marker pen drawing for the colophon page of Elephant Magazine.
Commissioner : Astrid Stavro / Design by Atlas
Website : www.elephant.art

Me & EU

Postcard designed to mark the date when the UK left the EU. Part of a project by Nathan Smith & Sam T Smith. Postcards were sent around Europe, before becoming a postcard book published by Common Practices.
Commissioner : Nathan Smith & Sam T Smith
Book Publisher : Common Practices
Website : www.meandeu.uk

Le Gun

Drawings made for five issues of Le Gun magazine.
Website : www.legun.co.uk

Le Gun 1, 2004 / 'We love that' (Left hand page by Walter Newton)

Le Gun 2, 2005 / 'For the new Le Gun I thought I would draw some shock art but I decided I prefer drawing elephants' (Left hand page by Sara Fanelli)

Le Gun 2, 2005 / 'Pain' (Right hand page by Richard Galloway)

Le Gun 3, 2006 / 'Old bird hair' (Left hand page by Walter Newton)

Le Gun 4, 2008 / 'Ghost' (Right hand page by Zoe Taylor)

Le Gun 5, 2011 / 'Pill Eye' Illustration for a section of the story 'A brief case of a briefcase' by Robert Rubbish. (Right hand page by Wolfgang Matzl)

Le Gun 5, 2011 / 'The Naturist'

Paul Smith x Talking Heads

T-shirt prints made using material from the Talking Heads archive in New York.

Remain in light polkadot

Remain in light polkadot t-shirt

Gig passes

Gig passes t-shirt

Big suit (David Byrne's original sketch)

Big suit t-shirt