Talking Heads + Paul Smith

With access to the Talking Heads archive, this range of t-shirts, labels, swing tags and badges were designed by selecting and adapted existing elements from their personal collection.

TH + PS collaboration logo label

Remain in light polkadot

Remain in light polkadot t-shirt

Road to nowhere

Road to nowhere t-shirt

Gig passes

Gig passes t-shirt

Big suit (David Byrne's original sketch)

Big suit t-shirt

TH+PS Swing tags

TH+PS t-shirt, swing tag & mask badges

Le Gun

While studying at The Royal College of Art in 2004, Le Gun magazine was created by Neal Fox, Chris Bianchi, Bill Bragg, Robert Greene, Steph von Reiswitz, Matt Appleton and Alex Wright. I shared a desk with Neal during this time and have happily been involved with the magazine ever since.

Le Gun 1, 2004 / 'We love that' (Left hand page by Walter Newton)

Le Gun 2, 2005 / 'For the new Le Gun I thought I would draw some shock art but I decided I prefer drawing elephants' (Left hand page by Sara Fanelli)

Le Gun 2, 2005 / 'Pain' (Right hand page by Richard Galloway)

Le Gun 3, 2006 / 'Old bird hair' (Left hand page by Walter Newton)

Le Gun 4, 2008 / 'Ghost' (Right hand page by Zoe Taylor)

Le Gun 5, 2011 / 'Pill Eye' Illustration for a section of the story 'A brief case of a briefcase' by Robert Rubbish. (Right hand page by Wolfgang Matzl)

Le Gun 5, 2011 / 'The Naturist'

Henna elephant scarf

Designed with the brief of 'India' for Paul Smith Jeans, this design was first a t-shirt print and then became a printed scarf in various colours.

Bloomberg View

A collection of editorial illustrations made for articles in Bloomberg View.
*Click on the titles to read the articles*
All commissioned by Phil Lubliner at Other Means.

Food Bubble Is Expanding U.S. Waistlines: Vikram Mansharamani

Soccer Boycott Could Kick Ukraine Toward Reform: Tomas Valasek

Did Bernanke Signal Return of Risk-Off Market?: A. Gary Shilling

Five Reasons College Enrollments Might Be Dropping: Richard Vedder

The Case Against Negotiating With Assad: Aaron David Miller

The IMF Shouldn’t Abandon Austerity: Anders Aslund

Apple Antitrust Suit Would Aid Amazon: Scott Turow

How to Deal With a Nuclear Iran: Gary Milhollin and Valerie Lincy

When Every Day Is Judgment Day: Frederic Block

Bare Bones magazine

Bare Bones Issue 3 cover and a double page spread from Issue 9.

Cover made by cutting up & reassembling the Bare Bones logo

Slogan spread

Serafina Steer 'change is good change is good'

Design, made fonts & inside illustrations for Serafina Steer's 2nd album.
Cover & back cover paintings by Polly Huggett.

Front cover

Back cover



Lyrics fold-out front

Lyrics fold-out back

Grow Up book cover