Multi-stripe Zebra

Sam Kerr and I created our first drawing of the Multi-stripe Zebra in 2006. It was designed as an interpretation of Paul Smith's brand motto 'classic with a twist' using their trademark multi-stripe pattern with a fair amount of tongue in cheek.
After approaching Paul Smith, this original drawing 'One trick Zebra' became a t-shirt print. Sam and I have continued to work together on new zebra designs ever since. In 2009 we developed the Multi-stripe Zebra into a simplified logo that can be found on products across Paul Smith menswear, womenswear and childrenswear.

1st zebra t-shirt (One trick Zebra)

One trick zebra

New socks?


Brand national

Try hard


Flogging a dead zebra

Paint your own zebra

Olympics hurdler

Olympics pommel zebra

Olympics weightlifter

Retro t-shirt

Product placement

Holiday snap

Time to leave

Zebra logo

Zebra badge

Polo shirt


Belt (fake)

As of March 2014 Sam and I decided to end our involvement with the Multi-stripe Zebra. It will continue without us but we both feel we have taken it as far as we could and are proud of how far that has been.